Sea Gypsies

When we last visited this island we spent some time with the Sea Gypsies, these people are remarkable, they live from the ocean and build small wooden huts on the shores of islands throughout Thailand. The oldest and most interesting inhabitants of Southern Thailand are the Sea Gypsies, they live as nomads. The man in the photo is making fishing baskets from tree branches, and the lady collects all the plastic water bottles out of the ocean which are used as flotation devices for fishing. We are currently living a few hundred metres away from them, and they allow us to walk through their land and take photos and film, this is amazing! in time, we are hoping to get more involved with the way they live, these people donโ€™t mix with tourists or even any of the local thaiโ€™s, as they literally live from the ocean and move from island to island as they fish, this is an amazing culture and we are so lucky to have this experience. It wonโ€™t be long before the monsoon season starts, so life will be interesting living on the islands. @ Phi Phi Islands

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  1. You are certainly have an experience


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