Camping Quiz

Here’s another quiz, its suitable for both adults and children of all ages, and for those of you that are currently homeschooling your children, this is perfect!

So here goes:

You need to watch all 12 short films first, then at the bottom of this page are the questions and answers that are in PDF files, just click the download button.

If you don’t have a PDF reader, you can download it here:

The films are great for those of you that are interested in camping, they are back from the earlier days of our World Cycling Tour in 2018 & 2019, they are in no particular order, but show how we lived when cycling through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania, throughout the harsh winter months.

Please let us know how you do and which your favourite film is.

Italy: October 2018
Italy: October 2018. In this film we show you how to bake a boob โ€˜cakeโ€™ using our bushcraft skills in Italy, bake a boob is an annual event which raises both awareness and funding for the prevention of breast cancer, its a concept from our charity โ€˜Prevent Breast Cancerโ€™
Switzerland: September 2018
Italy: December 2018
Italy: December 2018
Italy: January 2019
Croatia: January 2019

Croatia: January 2019. Our last nights camping in the mountains of Croatia before we cross the border in to Montenegro, and itโ€™s a cold one tonight!
Albania: February 2019. This short film shows us camping in a hut in Elbasan Albania โ€“ also test flying the new replacement drone after flying the last one into the Adriatic Sea in Croatia!!
Croatia: January 2019. We have just left our 9th country Bosnia and are back in Croatia, this is a typical nights camp demonstrating how we stay warm in the cold winter months
Germany: September 2018.
Montenegro: February 2019. This film is about our time we cycled throughout 10th Country Montenegro in January 2019

Click below to download the quiz questions and answers.

If you don’t have a PDF reader, you can download it here:

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