Krabi Trail Run – Running for Prevent Breast Cancer

Weโ€™ve been stuck in Thailand since February due to Covid-19, we spent 4 months in lockdown on the beautiful Phi Phi Island.

We have recently returned to the mainland, but due to all land borders being closed, we have decided to do our first competitive Trail Run, we will be doing this to raise awareness and funding for our charity Prevent Breast Cancer.

As you all know, cycling is our thing, but whilst living on Phi Phi Island, all we could do to maintain a level of fitness was go running, as there are no roads on the Island, during our time on Phi Phi Island, we became good friends with Karin Jongman, so we have now formed our own team.

Between the 3 of us, the most we have run is 10km, so with just only 4 weeks to the big event, weโ€™ve got lots of training to do.

The Krabi Trail Run is going to be a very tough day, its located in the beautiful nature trail of Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, where we will experience the nature of the beautiful forest and stunning views of Huay Tho Falls, giant trees, caves and horns.

The terrain will be extreme, as we will be running over the rocky limestone mountains, through forests, streams and waterfalls, in temperatures in excess of 45 degrees.

If you would like to support us by donating to our charity, please click the link below, you can also read more about our charity and journey on this website.

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