Please can you help us to rebuild a families boat on Phi Phi Island in Thailand, it was recently struck by lightening, which has destroyed a families livelihood. (read the full story via the link below)

⚠️ UPDATE ⚠️

We’d like to thank everyone that has already donated to help this all possible, to see how your money is being used, click on the link below 🙏

We have found a longtail engine for the boat on another island and are currently in the process of arranging to buy it and bring it over to Phi Phi Island, it needs a bit of TLC but it will do the job, so hopefully between us all we will hit our fundraising target by the end of the month, as we need to get Somdech’s Longtail boat back on the ocean ASAP!

To donate, click the link below where you can read the full story and see the boats current progress.

NOTE: If we are lucky enough to raise more than our target for the boat rebuild, the surplus money will be used to supply additional food parcels to the families on the island.

Once the longtail boat is complete, we will make a short personalized film and send it to everyone that has kindly donated, including your names in the credits! this is our way of saying thank you for making this all possible.


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