Update from Ceprano

3 years ago, just as Gabs finished her Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer, we escaped from our world of living in hospitals, and left the UK to begin living our new life on the road, we started by living in Spain from our campervan for 7 months, where Gabs continued with her Breast Cancer treatment whilst living on the road, it was also a great place to try and get our fitness back, ready for when we were to set off on our World Cycling Tour, so exactly one week after finishing her treatment, we began peddaling from the UK to our 27th country Thailand, where we spent 7 months in lockdown. So heres an update explaining where we are heading next..

2 thoughts on “Update from Ceprano

  1. Yes very important checking our breasts . Great video , lovely to hear how you are getting on . Keep positive like you both are xx lots of love the girls and I x

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  2. Enjoyed the video,, your frustration at flying back over the route you had cycled was very evident. But what a fabulous view from above! Hope you both get to visit family eventually, Boris will be making another announcement today and he is so keen to be popular even at the risk of undoing all that has been achieved with the current lockdown. So maybe you will be able to visit. What about Comet has he got a passport?


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