Update from Italy

We have recently packed up our bicycles and sent them on ahead of us, they are currently in storage waiting to see which country we eventually make it to, but for now, meet the new wheels, itโ€™s just arrived to Italy all the way from Scotland, and is now all geared up ready to tour.

Gabs will soon fly back to the UK and meet with her mum, sheโ€™s not seen her for over 2 years, and this is one of the main reasons weโ€™ve returned to Europe, so whilst Gabs is back in Blighty, Iโ€™ll be on a boys tour heading to Morocco (if all goes to plan) boys tour meaning โ€œmyself and Comet!โ€

Gabs will then fly back out to whereverโ€ฆand weโ€™ll meet our bicycles somewhere in the world and carry on, we still plan to head to Mongolia, but at the moment thereโ€™s no way through due to Georgia being closed, so for now, due to the many Covid restrictions changing each day, itโ€™s easier and much faster to move around on the motorcycle.

Italy is being hit hard by Covid once again, thereโ€™s so many Red Zones, luckily the area we are currently in, is still a yellow zone, for how long we donโ€™t know, but we donโ€™t plan to hang around for that long to find out.

Our passion is we love to travel, and keep moving around, and after spending 7 months locked down in Thailand, to be stuck anywhere again for so long will drive us insane, and at the moment cycling is not an option, so letโ€™s see where we end up next!

2 thoughts on “Update from Italy

  1. What fun! Stay safe and have a wonderful time!!


  2. Should have read this before commenting on the last one. So you are on the move once more hope all goes well. It will be very strange Chris just you and Comet without Gabs. Look forward to the next episode.


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