Shipping a motorcycle during a pandemic

After spending the last 3 years cycling across 30 countries and 2 continents, from England to Thailand, where our world cycling tour came to a sudden halt, when we were locked down in Thailand for 7 months, we decided to fly all the way back to Italy, collect a motorcycle and ride back to our favourite country Georgia.

Georgia was our 16th country that we cycled to just over 2 years ago. After arriving back in Italy, which at the time was in total lockdown, we headed to Spain to find ourselves once again locked down due to the pandemic, so our plan of driving to Georgia was no longer an option, so we decided to ship the motorcycle by land and sea to Georgia, and meet it there.

Shipping a motorcycle from Europe to Asia hasnโ€™t been an easy task, mainly because we originally had the motorcycle shipped from Scotland to Italy October of last year, and since the UK’s Brexit, shipping a UK registered motorcycle out of the EU is rather complex, then theres also the pandemic… but its been a great experience, and we’ve met so many great people throughout the whole process.

So here we are, 4 weeks later, and we have the motorcycle with us here in Georgia. We will be using both the motorcycle and our UAZ Buhanka van to travel around Georgia through the Caucasus mountains, we also plan to revisit Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, to meet with all the friends we made when we cycled through these countries in 2019.

So our plans are slowly coming together, yes we do keep having to change them, due to all the ongoing restrictions, but soon we will have our bicycles back, and will continue with our world cycling tour, which will initially take us back to the Stans and Mongolia.

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