One of most dangerous school runs in the world?

These are the amazing scenes as a group of Indonesian children take a death-defying route to school each day on a 100-foot-long suspension bridge, while riding bicycles on narrow wooden slats.

The youngsters travel along the bridge which is held up by steel cables through a jungle in Java.

Despite looking quite precarious, it is easier for the children to traverse the suspension bridge rather than make their way along the jungle floor to the edge of a river and find a boat.

The old bridge spans a river more than 100-feet below, which would mean almost certain death if a rider was to slip and tumble over the side

The school students risk their lives twice a day as they traverse the old suspension bridge which has lost most of its wooden deck

Any of the wooden planks on the bridge have been removed, just leaving one section which is only ten inches wide in places

The bridge has a handrail although the lack of boards across the frames make using the bridge especially dangerous

The bridge crosses a small jungle stream through heavy undergrowth, although much of the decking installed on the bridge has been removed

The pathway is so narrow that people can only travel in one direction at the same time because of the missing decking

The busy commuter route is seen as one of the most dangerous school journeys in the world – especially during the rainy season

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