Abano Pass – Georgia ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ช

Well we made it! to the top of the Abano Pass, at over 3000 metres elevation!

We did it 2 years ago by bicycle, and now again by motorcycle! itโ€™s an extremely steep rough and rocky narrow mountain pass.

The Abano Pass is the only drivable pass leading to Tusheti, and at 3000 metres, it is the highest drivable mountain pass in the Caucasus.

Due to high altitude and snowy winters the pass is closed from mid-October till mid-April.
The damaged road surface allows only 4×4 cars to go through, and of course bicycles and motorcycles!

The road to reach the pass starts in village Pshaveli and ends in Omalo. It has a length of 84,5km, but the expected driving time is more than 7 hours. It’s one of the top 50 highest mountain roads in Europe.

This mountain pass has sadly taken many lives over the years, and you can see many memorials at the edge of the pass, with photos of those who lost their lives.

So tomorrow we trek to the village of Omalo.

Omalo is a principal village in the historical region of Tusheti.
Omalo is located on a natural plateau, connecting 4 main gorges: Chanchakhovani gorge (with villages Shtrolta, Khiso, and Khakhabo), Chaghma gorge (with the villages Omalo, Shenako and Diklo), Pirikiti gorge (with villages Dartlo, Chesho, Parsma and Girevi), and Gometsari george (with villages Dochu, Beghela, Jvarboseli and Verkhovani).
The fortress of Keselo with its towers is a landmark in Omalo. It served as refuge for families when attacked.

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