Rest day

It’s been a tough few days since we left Basel in Switzerland, as we’ve been cycling over many of Switzerlands mountain passes, and we have plenty more to go! including the famous Gotthard Pass before we finally reach Italy (lake como) The scenery is absolutely stunning, and the people here are so friendly, there are water fountains everywhere so it’s easy to refill, they even have chopped wood and fire pits by the side of the lake/s which is free to use!!  Gabs is doing just great, there’s no stopping her! as for me…well I felt fine this morning, but later on this afternoon whilst climbing ‘another’ mountain pass I suddenly felt like I was pulling a 2 ton car behind me, my bike and trailer do weigh 95kg! but that’s no excuse, the last couple of months may have just caught up with me, like I say, Gabs is fine! ….she’s amazing! so it’s a well earned day off tomorrow, resting ‘MY’ legs! here’s a few pics of our last couple of days. We are currently in Wassen, you can see it on the map below.

9 thoughts on “Rest day

  1. Beautiful pics. I do not know how or where you get the strength from. Keep safe and take care xx

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  2. Doing well boss and mrs boss, watching you all the way, take care Maurice and Dawn xx

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    1. Hey Maurice and Dawn, thanks for following!! how are you both? it’s been a few years, hope you’re both well? Chris & Gabs xx


      1. Hi boss we are fine thanks I’m really glad you’ve found your soulmate you both look very happy together, good to see you so happy boss and mrs boss, great thing your both doing, don’t know where you get.the energy from, take care and all the best, Maurice an Dawn xx


  3. Hi both. We met you a few days before the start, we were at the Escape bike shop just outside Ingleton, you were filling up with water whilst doing a dry run. We’re following your progress, don’t know how your legs manage it. Love the pictures. Stay safe both of you. Best wishes.

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    1. Hi Joe & Liz, wow yes we remember you, hope you found the right bike? thanks for following us👍Chris & Gabs 🌎🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️😎


  4. Hope you have recovered Chris after your rest day, take a few more rest days and enjoy that beautiful scenery. There’s no rush!

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    1. Yes we are taking it easy, we are now having a few days chilling in Italy as we head to Lake Como


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