cheap in Montenegro!

So I went to this great bar tonight, it took 10 minutes to get there in a tax, I ordered this amazing steak salad with bread and 2 beers, then got a taxi home, the price was:
Taxi €1 Euro
Steak salad and bread €4 Euro
2 beers €3 Euro
Taxi home €1 Euro

So tonight was a total of €9 euros for a night out, and this is in the most expensive part of Montenegro, how cheap is Eastern Europe! Last night we had a pizza in a restaurant €2.50 Euro for a 12 inch pizza! I don’t understand how a taxi can be so cheap, but it seems that’s the norm here, and to think Albania is even cheaper 😱 just hope Gabs is ok back at the tent cooking her tea, she missed a treat! … I know, I know, but someone has to look over the bikes! 😂



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