Volunteerโ€™s Needed !

Hi everyone, weโ€™ve a few things to tell you..

Firstly, we are looking for volunteers that would like to help us with fundraising events for our charity Prevent Breast Cancer ๐Ÿ˜Š it can be anything at all, from coffee mornings, cake sales, supper evenings to a Halloween or Xmas Party, the choice is yours! but seriously, anything that can raise just a few pennies would be greatly appreciated, and remember, EVERY penny raised goes directly towards the prevention of breast cancer.

Also donโ€™t forget, for as little as ยฃ5 per month you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, again EVERY penny goes direct to our charity PBC.

We also have a company sponsorship page for any businesses that might like to work with us.

All information can be found via our website:


COMING SOON – We will soon be launching a more personal monthly subscription which will offer all sorts of options, from one to one advice on travel destinations, tips for camping, personalised films, birthday messages/other announcements to live Skype/video calls..etc… (we find this so exciting that we are going to be able to interact with followers on a one to one basis WORLDWIDE !!)

Lastly, we will soon be buying a mini projector and speakers that we can plug into our laptop, this will enable us to give talks and show films to communities when we cycle through remote villages, all of which can have on screen translation, just not managed to find one in China yet, yes in China, can you believe that!

So for more information on any of the above, visit our website http://www.chrisandgabsworldcyclingtour.com

and remember to keep an eye out on here for our new monthly promotion!

So if you can help in any way, please send us a private message!

Thanks for your much valued support!

Chris & Gabs

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