When we left Vietnam the Coronavirus situation was getting worse each week, so we started to cycle more miles each day.
Whilst cycling through Cambodia the situation was getting worse by the day, and we heard about how borders will be soon closing, so we started to cycle much faster, some days cycling 180km in a day, not easy on such terrible road conditions and temperatures in the high 40โ€™s.
We eventually reached our 27th country Thailand, but then we never stopped there, as we so wanted to get to the islands in the south, we also heard they would be soon stopping the boats, so we couldnโ€™t hang around.
On the 22nd March we arrived on Phi Phi Island by long tail boat, not long after arriving, all neighbouring countries borders closed and they stopped the boats.
Here we are arriving at Phi Phi Island, you can see the relief on our faces, but little did we know how long we would be staying on the island for, itโ€™s looking like weโ€™ll be here at least 5 months, but we are not complaining! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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