Sailing back to Georgia

So since we left Georgia 6 months ago, on route to the UK to take Mr Sniff to his new home, a few things have changed ๐Ÿคก
One being, we decided to keep Mr Sniff for good, so 15 countries later for Mr Sniff and we are sailing back to Georgia, yes sailing!

We maxed out our Turkish visas so canโ€™t travel through Turkey for a few months, and vehicles canโ€™t re-enter for 6 months.. so we decided to take a cargo ship from Bulgaria to Georgia across the Black Sea, and theyโ€™ve literally just started sailing again due to the War, anyway itโ€™s a 3 day crossing so will be great fun!

Burgas is a very interesting Port, you can see many smashed up cars being shipped to Georgia, as they import thousands of insurance write off vehicles from around the world, mainly America and Japan, and they are repaired in Georgia and sold, meaning you can buy a top of the range Mercedes for very little money.

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